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The Full Tilt Poker Network, launched in 2004, is one of the most popular poker networks available today. Its sheer size trumps almost every single other poker networks today, with the exception of one. Currently, there is only one room affiliated to this network and that is Full Tilt Poker, which prides itself in offering its players the ability to play versus the top pros in the game currently. Players you will find who exclusively play on this network and its sole skin Full Tilt Poker include, among many, Mike Matusow, Phil Ivey, John Juanda, Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson.

On the Full Tilt Poker Network you will find pretty much any cash game you would want to play at pretty much any possible limit. The network, despite having just one skin which is appropriately called Full Tilt Poker, delivers on all accounts. You would find the classic popular ones such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hold’em, in No Limit, Fixed Limit, Pot Limit and Mixed Limits variations, and you will also find lesser popular games such as Stud (Hi and Low), Razz and all kinds of Mixed Games including but not limited to HORSE. Speaking of stakes, these range from the penny games all the way up to the biggest games you could find online, being $500/$1000 No Limit.

The player traffic, as has been mentioned before, is among the best you can currently find online, with peak hours approaching the 6 figures in players playing on the tables. On average you could find a peak of 95,000 players online, with even more on Sundays because of the great guaranteed money tournaments. Speaking of tournaments, because of Full Tilt Poker Network’s sole skin Full Tilt Poker having such excellent software and tournaments structure, it’s a very popular destination for online tournament players and therefore benefits of having great tournament traffic around the clock. All the poker disciplines and buy-ins are well represented in that regard.

Players from all parts of the globe are welcome on the Full Tilt Poker Network including American players, despite the passing of dubious and vaguely worded laws in the US which have as intention the prevention of this.

The Full Tilt Poker Network is big and huge, but the way how they have handled the swagger that comes with such a prominent position indicates that they will not be getting smaller anytime soon, and instead, they will be getting bigger and bigger. The sole skin on the network constantly has great promotions for all playing level, and the software in use is state of the art in terms of user friendliness, looks and stability. It’s simply the best, and getting even better if that is possible.

Because of their great marketing abilities, team of professionals, and innovative software features you can expect Full Tilt Poker to keep growing in numbers.

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