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Click on the banner below to join PKR Poker Network's top ranking room, PKR!

The PKR Poker Network is truly one of a kind. With years in the making, they have developed a fully 3D environment to give you a brand new experience when playing online poker. PKR is licensed and regulated by The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC).

When they were launching for beta testing in 2006, many players were very excited to experience real money poker games in a video game type format. Late in 2006, they went live and started accepting real money players and since have created an average player base of 3000+ and at peak times can have 7000+ connected. However, early in their release they closed doors to US players for real money accounts. If you reside in the US, you can still open an account for play money, and over half their traffic usually is from this.

Due to the complexity of their software, PKR does not have any other skins on their network. They are the only poker room today that offers real money poker games in a completely customizable 3D environment.

PKR holds integrity on a high level, and always considers feedback from its players. They have invested a large amount of time in their shuffling algorithm and RNG. PKR Ltd has been evaluated by Gaming Associates, an Australian based testing company and have met all requirements

PKR is one of the current networks that does NOT accept US players since the gambling legislation that was passed in 2006. (You can create an account for play money only.)

PKR is always thinking of new ways to enhance their already incredible poker software. They pride themselves in being the first poker room to truly bring a personality to the online world.

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