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Earlier this month, Lock Poker made the following announcement in a press release, “As of June 1st a whole new world awaits the Lock Nation.” The press release went on to explain what that statement means with the following:

“Lock is in the process of acquiring assets from Cake and will be re-branding the Cake Network to launch Revolution Gaming, driving technology, marketing, player rewards and implementing a richer tournament schedule. The LockPRO team will be at the foundation of these changes. They will come together and offer their recommendations on all levels, truly bringing the player into the boardroom.”

In anticipation of its Revolution Gaming Network going live on June 1, Lock Poker will perform a software update on May 31 so its current players can begin enjoying the new platform a day before it’s made available to other players. Lock Poker has made assurances that the transition to Revolution Gaming will be “seamless” for each of its players, meaning players will retain their account balances and VIP rewards in their entirety.

As Lock Poker will continue to operate its own cashier once Revolution Gaming is fully operational, Lock Poker further promises that withdrawals taken from any skin on its new network “will be as fast and easy as they are now.” The press release also indicated that rakeback players will have the chance to profit from the increased rakeback percentage that Revolution Gaming will provide. Although unconfirmed, one source claiming to represent Lock Poker has suggested that the new network will offer a rakeback percentage of 36 percent.

In its own press release, the Cake Poker Network said it will “continue operations providing all of its current Network partners, sites and players the opportunity to be part of the Revolution Gaming Network” and that “another exciting announcement” is forthcoming in the foreseeable future.

Currently, Merge sits atop the list of networks that accept US-based players while the Cake Network is in third position, with Bodog in between the two. Although some industry experts question the accuracy of Lock Poker’s numbers, Lock Poker claims to be responsible for 40 percent of Merge’s daily traffic. If Lock Poker is correct and all of its current players follow Lock Poker to its Revolution Gaming Network, Merge Gaming will be in danger of losing its coveted position in the top spot on this list.

In a broader sense, Merge would also be in danger of losing its present eighth-place ranking among the largest poker networks on the Internet that accept players from around the world. In fact, if Lock Poker’s players all transition to Revolution Gaming, the new network would surpass Merge on PokerScout’s list of the largest poker networks by assuming the ninth position while Merge would fall to the 12th position. In this scenario, Revolution Gaming would have a seven-day average of cash game players totaling 1,266 while Merge would have an estimated average of 984 real money ring players.

Some industry aficionados speculate that, while Merge may lose its enviable rankings in the short term, Lock Poker’s departure from the Merge Gaming Network may benefit Merge in the long run. This belief is based on the thought that Lock Poker’s insistence on offering a high percentage rakeback attracts the type of poker player that negatively impacts Merge’s ability to attract players who would otherwise return to play at the network without the rakeback being offered and that the rakeback affects the liquidity of Merge’s other skins.

While little information is available that confirms which skins will be staying with the Merge Network or the current Cake Poker Network once it becomes Revolution Gaming, it is widely accepted that the Cake Network’s two largest skins, Cake Poker and Intertops, will transition to Revolution without an interruption in play. The Cake Poker Network currently hosts 58 skins while Merge presently hosts 35 skins, including Lock Poker and Carbon Poker.

It is anticipated that Revolution Gaming will continue to use the Cake Network’s software although changes are expected in the future. It a statement reported by, a Lock Poker representative claimed, "The Cake Poker software will be retained, but we will be going into product development immediately, as we are very excited to focus on an HTML 5 client."

While developing a new HTML 5 client may ultimately benefit Revolution Gaming down the line, some industry insiders question the wisdom of relying on the advice of professional poker players when making decisions that could affect Lock Poker and the Revolution Network at large, as Lock Poker’s press release promises Revolution Gaming will do. In fact, some have expressed concern that, if Revolution Gaming bases its business decisions too heavily on the advice rendered by players, Lock Poker and the network itself may face a fate similar to Full Tilt Poker’s.

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