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Note - The Winning Poker Network used to be known as Yatahay. They have renamed to Winning Poker and accept US players. The content on this page has details from Yatahay.

Yatahay Poker, founded in 2001, was one of the first online poker networks to introduce clients with 3D animation which it still offers to this day. Their 3D software and the very large benefit of still accepting US players are more or less all this network can boast about in terms of trying to keep up with the competition, with other larger poker networks outshining them on basically every other front.

While the fact that their software was among the first to offer 3D play is something that Yatahay should certainly be proud of, how long they have had their 3D software should be something made less obvious to new players than it currently is, with the poker room graphics looking decidedly dated. The network currently has nine skins, some of which purely poker rooms but most incorporate other casino games, sportsbooks and even racebooks. These skins offer fairly weak promotions and seem to be relying on the fact that US players have limited choice for online poker.

Security and fairness both seem to be taken seriously on the network, which is licensed and regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission represents over 250 online gaming sites and are best known for their ruling against the poker site Ultimate Bet on a different network in 2009, so their licensing certainly lends the Yatahay Poker Network legitimacy.

Despite its acceptance of US players, the network doesn't boast anything approaching the traffic for which a serious poker player looks. At peak times there are an average of between five and six hundred players across the nine skins, with the majority playing tournaments and less than two hundred on the cash-game tables. At off-peak times traffic can slip as low as the one hundred player mark. Variety of game is also certainly not a feature the network can boast, as the only ring games and tournaments on offer are Texas Hold'em and Omaha variants, with no stud, draw or mixed games available.

The Yatahay Poker Network offers 3D play to the US market but sadly this now out-of-date software is the only selling point for the network which has low traffic, a small number of games and is probably best suited for users who are interested in poker being a small part of their online casino use, rather than the principal game.

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